Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun Fair

Saturday was a really good day! We had over 30 of our high school and middle school students helping to organize a fun fair for some of the kids from a nearby orphanage and the kids on the street that participate in a bi-weekly Bible kids club. Our students have been really excited about the whole idea for weeks now and it was fun to see everything finally come together. Everyday I have had kids come up to me asking if they could help with the fun fair or asking me for a reminder of when the fun fair was going to take place. I was so happy to see the students getting interested in something that would help someone else! Often times I get discouraged and think that our students will never think of anyone other than themselves. I guess we are all selfish though. It's only by God's loving grace and mercy that we are able to break free from selfishness.

We had the high school students running each station for the fun fair and the middle school students in charge of the groups of kids, leading them to each station. I was happy to see so many of our students really step up and take ownership of their roles! We had one group playing a water relay game, one group playing on the school playground and getting their faces painted, one group working on a craft and coloring, and one group playing in a bouncy castle. All was going so well, until I mentioned that fact! Not a few minutes after that, did the bouncy castle come crashing down with kids panicking and screaming! Luckily, no one was hurt and the kids didn't seem to mind once they were on the ground again. Quick on her feet, Christy came up with a new game for the fourth group and all was well again!

All in all, everyone seemed to really enjoy the day. The kids had a ball and the students took ownership of the event. Today I was asked many times when we were planning our next fun fair. We'll see...
The bouncy castle before it fell over!

Water games. They had to fill a bucket with a leaking cup.

Writing numbers with sidewalk chalk.

Craft time!

The only lion in Ghana!

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  1. How fun and encouraging! Thanks for sharing all that's going on.